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1337pwn offers exceptional in depth knowledge and notions that can assist you in becoming a professional in penetration testing and ultimately improve your technical expertise.

Our courses are structured to assist you in learning, practicing, and retaining valuable information without feeling stressed out.

We strive to maintain a comfortable environment where you may relax and learn to improve your overall knowledge and skills.

With our online courses, you may comfortably learn at a pace that suits you.

We provide exclusive resources to our members that will not only point them in the right direction in becoming a penetration tester, but also help them maintain and improve their skills.

Becoming a 1337pwn APT member includes various benefits, including:

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Our Online Courses

Our courses are ideal for those who appreciate studying independently, who desire high-quality online training, and prefer to have greater control over their study time.

Whether you are preparing for an information security certification or attempting to learn more to accomplish your educational goals, one of the online courses here can assist you in acquiring outstanding training in a convenient format.


All of our courses and future offerings are taught by distinguished information security professionals and are reviewed and updated continually.

Reasons to Become a Member

  • High Quality Training Taught By Experts

    Treat yourself with an exceptional standard of skill training.

  • Stringent Development Process

    Courses are developed through a concord process involving information security professionals. They address granular security foundations, security perception, and comprehensive technical facets of security.

  • Current

    Our courses are continually and rigorously updated by information security professionals. We recognize that the techniques of threat actors and attack vectors are continually changing and consequently our training develops and advances.

  • Morning, Evening, Or Night

    Web-based training accessible 24/7 from your desktop, laptop, tablet, or mobile phone.

  • Progression

    Track your progress to keep you focused on attainment.

  • Certification

    Receive an exclusive certificate with a unique license number after successfully completing a course.

  • Membership Resources

    Members receive exclusive resources that will ultimately strengthen their technical expertise and knowledge in security.

  • Access To Forums

    Participate in the 1337pwn forum and chat with other students and security professionals.

  • Convenience

    Don't have a travel budget? No problem. Stay in your home or office to train online.


  • What type of payments do you accept?

    We currently accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and PayPal.

  • Can I get a certificate for completing a course?

    Students will receive an exclusive certificate with a unique license number after successfully completing a course.

  • Can I cancel the renewal of my subscription at any time?

    Your APT membership can be cancelled or resumed at any time.

  • If I purchased a membership plan with promotional pricing, will I be able to keep the discount after the promotional period is over?

    Yes, you will be able to keep the discount. Students already set up as members will always pay the price set when they first subscribed.

    If you are a new member, you may have received a plan with promotional pricing for a specific time frame which provides steeper discounts than the usual period.

    For example, if you purchased a monthly APT membership, you will be able to keep the monthly discount.

  • Do you offer any refunds?

    If you have already viewed or downloaded the course material, no refund can be issued.

    If you would like a glimpse of the quality of content we provide before purchasing a membership, visit the 1337pwn blog to read the numerous tutorials and insights completely free of charge.

    We also encourage you to create a free account on 1337pwn and view some of the free preview videos available in selected courses.

    You may also sign up for an Insider membership which is a 14-day FREE trial to 4 courses.

    Our technical capabilities, security experience, and active engagement in technological research and development put us in a unique position to offer exceptional quality content to both our students and readers.

  • What is an APT?

    The term Advanced Persistent Threat, more often referred to by its abbreviation APT, delineates a particular adversarial actor focused on infiltrating a target network for the specific goal of acquiring and retaining a long-term undetected presence.

    Targeted companies usually hold Intellectual Property (IP), Business Intelligence (BI), or additional information beneficial to nation-states.

    APT actors tend to be extremely well-financed and highly trained. Hence, they are considered to be advanced in their knowledge.

    Furthermore, APT actors are remarkably persistent and patient in their attempts to infiltrate very precise targets, which hold the information they are searching for.

    APT actors deploy persistence methods like harvesting credentials in order to preserve their presence in an infiltrated network.

    In the event that one method doesn't work, the APT actors just shift to utilizing a new attack vector until they are successful in infiltrating the target. Therefore, these intruders are the threat referred to in the term APT.

    APTs are generally considered to be among the very best in the world.