The Benefits Of Learning ReactJS

ReactJS puts forward elegant solutions to some of the front-end programming's most enduring problems.

ReactJS is swift, expandable, flexible, potent, and holds an active community that is quickly increasing.

Knowledge of ReactJS provides you with the same building strength as Facebook developers.

Importantly, ReactJS takes the work out of constructing user interfaces (UI) by supplying an open-source JavaScript library for your code.

Course curriculum

  • 1


    • Setting Up React Environment

    • Setting Up React Project Using Npm Npx

    • Understanding ReactJS Folder Structure

    • Updating App File In ReactJS

    • Why Choose JSX For Templating In Reactjs

    • Using Attributes In JSX

    • Using Styles In JSX ReactJS

    • Using JS Expression in JSX ReactJS

    • Using Event In JSX ReactJS

    • Understanding The Usage Of ReactJS CDNs

    • Making Class Component, Difference Between Functional vs Class, Some Basic Exporting & Importing

    • Using Props with functional Components

    • Using props in Class components

    • Using Children Props In Class Component & Functional Component

    • Components Nesting, What To Do, What Not To Do

    • Possibilities Of Using Nested Component Multiple Time

    • Understanding State In Detail ReactJS