Curious to know how to ensure that your client's Instagram account remains secure from malicious hackers, nation-state actors, and cybercriminals?

Would you wish to learn how to discover security vulnerabilities in Instagram and get paid for your penetration testing as an ethical hacker?

In the Penetration Tester's Guide To Hacking Instagram & Bug Bounties course, we'll examine the diverse methods penetration testers deploy to hack accounts. This will provide you with a thorough knowledge of what you may accomplish to retain the security of your client's account.

By enrolling in this course, you will find out:

  • The various tools penetration testers utilize to discover security vulnerabilities and how to deploy them appropriately.
  • The process for carrying out social engineering attacks and obtaining account credentials from the victim.
  • The procedures for earning bug bounties for each critical vulnerability found in the photo and video-sharing social networking service Instagram.
  • Methods that professional penetration testers deploy to maintain their personal account security and their client's accounts.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Introduction to Instagram Penetrating Testing

  • 2

    Penetrating Testing Tools & Techniques For Instagram

    • Installing & Deploying Multi-Threaded Instagram Brute Forcer Shell Script

    • DNS Spoofing & ARP Spoofing In Kali Linux

    • Deploying The Social-Engineer Toolkit (SET) On Instagram Profiles

    • Deploying The Browser Exploitation Framework (BEEF) To Hack Into a User Browser & Instagram Account

    • Constructing Word Lists To Brute-Force Instagram Accounts

    • Using Shellphish To Capture Instagram Account Credentials

  • 3

    Information Regarding Instagram Bug Bounty & Discovery Techniques

    • Instagram Bug Bounty Tools

    • Additional Instagram Bug Bounty Tools

    • Essentials Of Clients, Servers, & Proxies

    • Using Burp Suite For Data Packet Interception

    • Using Burp Suite For Bug Bounties